The month of May provided some amazing experiences for all those who were in connection with the Leavenworth Golf Club. The course’s condition is looking better than ever, and it is becoming less of a secret that our alpine golf club is the place to be for spring and summer! With this, here are some of our favorite images from the month of May…

A frog decided to hitch a ride on Shane Thayer’s cart!

A sunset while the light rain falls near 12 tee.

View from number 13 tee box looking down 15.

Talk about a sunset and the perfect time for twilight golf!

The full moon that provided just enough light to squeak the last few holes in!

Just a few of our amazing sponsors for the 48th Annual Bavarian Invitational!

Preston Thornton and Jesse Mack fulfill their duty as the previous years champions in presenting the awards to this years winners.

Eric Worthen and Chris Bates Celebrate their victory.

Simon Farivar and Luke Easterly celebrate their victory.

Michael Bennett Tees off in the LGC couples League with some deer in the gallery.

The twin fawns that were born right here on the golf course on May 28th!

A fawn takes a much needed nap. Golf is tiring!

The geese and their newest born family members take a stroll across 8 green.

Its no secret that our golf course is the gold at the end of the rainbow!

A harmless gardener snake watches players tee off number 11!